Monday, August 15, 2016

Puppy Love?

Those lucky folks who read this blog will recall that my puppy, Poco, has turned into a lovesick teenager. Her heart beats for little Burt, the adorable black dog across the street.  Poco spends endless amounts of time lying side by side with Burt, just resting in the shade (or the sun when it's not too hot.)

They love to eat ice. Burt picks up a couple of chips in his mouth and carries them over to Poco, who gladly receives them. They are often nose to  nose on the sofa. Or barking at kids on bikes and the UPS man and just tonight, a bear (more on that next time!)

A couple of weeks ago, Poco and Burt starting rolling around on the floor, which they do all the time (except if they are rolling around in the lawn.)

I guess you could say they engage in what you might call puppy play.

But there are a lot of bared teeth in these "loving" encounters.

Here now is one such encounter. I video taped the session, so here you go, 42 seconds of Poco and Burt chewing each other up!!

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