Wednesday, August 31, 2016


it was raining out today so I couldn't burn any more pages in the fire pit so instead I took the pages in a big box and left them out in the rain and every once in a while I stirred the pages up and now and then something caught my eye such as this poem which has nothing at all to do with the project itself:

Outside the window
the sky doesn't doubt 
its color for a moment,
nor does it moan any

Above the green trees
that make the dark horizon,
the sky has a soft golden glow,
ever so lightly dusted in pink.

The sky is poised on 
the cusp of evening.
The day has passed by and the sky
has done its share, producing such beauty.

I have not smiled or
appreciated it nearly enough.
Tomorrow I vow that I will
make a point to sit and stare
at the sky watching clouds go by.

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Unknown said...

Nice one bud