Thursday, March 22, 2018

A feel-good story, celebrating CLEAN WATER on a Navajo reservation!

Readers might recall a MyStoryLives post from last April. It featured a water project that was underway at a school on a Navajo reservation in Arizona.

For years, Saint Michael's Special Education School had to buy its water in gigantic jugs, because the tap water often poured out black and foul-smelling into the school's sinks. The school, which has been operating for 40 years, offers services to about 60 children and adults with moderate to severe disabilities.

St. Michaels was in desperate need of clean water. Enter an organization called Dig Deep -- a Los Angeles-based non-profit devoted to helping communities dig and maintain low-cost water supplies.

At this time last year, I wrote asking readers for donations to help raise the $100,000 needed for the new filtration system. 

Last week, I called Dig Deep to see where the situation stood. They wrote back with great news: Dig Deep is putting the finishing touches on the filtration system at St. Michaels!  Check out this video. 

One of my readers, writer Liza Frenette, found another wonderful video.

Watching them will make you smile. And remind you how precious clean water is.

Dig Deep says that tomorrow -- March 23rd -- is World Water Day!

What better way to celebrate than having a community get clean water. Says Dig Deep:

"We did this together. Last year, you gave a generous donation to make sure the incredible students at St. Michael's didn't have to drink water that was black, stinky and toxic. Now every drop is clean and clear because of you.

But St. Michael's still has a HUGE water bill to pay -- $10,050 every year. So today we're raising $50,000 to cover that water bill for five years."

Thanks to everyone who donated.

Perhaps you want to help St. Michael's out again? To donate, go to this link.

Note: the article on St. Michael's appeared first in the Huffington Post.

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