Monday, March 12, 2018

Pink Tulips, Observed

I bought the last batch of pink tulips at the grocery store.
Came home and set them carefully into a clear glass vase
and stared.
The tulips are the color
of the two lips of a newborn,
the blossoms' flesh cupped in yellow and white at the center.

I thought, I will take a photograph and share it.
Nothing photographs quite right when there isn’t enough light.
I carried the flowers around the house,
setting them here and there,
turning on all the lights,
even the emergency lantern,
taking one lousy photo after another.
I even set them next to the bathtub.

Waiting for sunlight to brighten your tulips
is a little like waiting for spring is a lot like
More or less, it's a waste of time.
Is always the invitation
Is always the challenge.

Two days later,
this morning,
the sun rose on the tulips

And they are glorious.

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