Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Flip the Weather Switch

Two Drops of Ink, a wonderful on-line literary site, has published my poem, "Flip the Weather Switch."

It begins this way:

Once again the weather forecast calls for a solid grey day.
But once again they – whoever the forecasters are – have got it wrong.
Maybe we can explain it this way: weather men are operating out of the same negativity bias that scientists tell us is hard wired into our brains because long long ago in very ancient times humans had to be on guard for every possible saber-toothed tiger and other disaster lurking around each corner.
Consider this: scientists say that negative emotions have three times the impact that positive emotions do.
So if 24 wonderful things happen to you today and just one bad thing
It’s quite likely the dark event will shadow your whole mood.
But the really good news is
It doesn’t have to be this way once you know what’s going on.
Like right now, I am sitting here
staring into the forest and somehow the sky is turning that powdery blue right outside the window...

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