Sunday, October 25, 2020

Meet My Amazing Meditation Teacher!!!!

"What does your day look like?   How about a moment to just breathe with awareness?   One in-breath, one out-breath.   Feeling the sensations of the body.   Just this moment.  Consider the possibility of taking a moment like this periodically during the day."  Greg Topakian, Ph.D., Mindfulness Instructor, Westborough, MA

My friend Greg -- I've known him for  almost 50 years -- is an incredible meditation and mindfulness teacher. The class he teaches on Zoom every Tuesday evening is a godsend, both to me and to so many people in the class. Like most people these days, we are plagued by anxiety and other mental strain during this very stressful time. 

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But there is a silver lining here. It was only because of the pendamnic that Greg took the class he normally teaches in the library in Westborough, Massachusetts and turned it into a Zoom class. And that's the only reason I can take the class too.

We sit for 30 minutes of guided meditation and then we discuss our meditation and mindfulness practices. Greg's wisdom, and his command of the nuances of the topics, are immense. Combine that with his deep commitment to mindfulness, which is just so extraordinary. He's been teaching this class for years, and has never charged a dime.

I'm so so grateful that I am in the class. Because of this instruction, I am now pausing often during the day just to breathe for a few minutes.

I'm also taking more mindful walks, forcing myself to slow down to my dog's "sniffwalking" pace. And I notice far more details as I walk. I've also slowed down my yoga and I focus far more on breathing through the poses than I used to.

Thank you Greg

for bringing

us into the NOW

over and over again!

Love, Claud xoxo


Kathy Joy said...

As I read this, I am aware of my own breathing. THANK YOU.
Your dog's "sniffwalking" is a familiar ritual - how mindful you can consider it a slowing-down practice, too.

This is a gracious tribute to your friend, Greg....who keeps inviting you into THE NOW.
Also, I love your artwork!!!

Claudia R said...

Hi Kathy -- I am so glad that the post made you aware of your breathing! I know that you know how incredibly important it is to stay in the NOW. It rivets you to the sacred and gives you the chance to think before you try to respond to the things that happen during the day. I've been studying mindfulness for several years but only in the last few weeks/months has it become crystal clear how to feel your body and breath moment after moment. Greg T is an amazing teacher.

Thanks for the praise on the artwork. You do such a fabulous job with photos and images accompanying your Breath of Joy publications!

big hugs,