Monday, April 26, 2021

I Pray

By Jadwiga Brown 

I pray. I pray silently. I pray aloud

Always my prayer is the same —

I pray that I may use my gifts each day 

To make our world more whole 


I pray for goodness, peace and justice

I pray that when we look at a person

We see a heart, a soul, not skin tones, 

Not disabilities, not whom one loves 


I pray that we will learn to truly listen

To people, even those we do not know

I pray we do not turn our backs on others

Instead, we offer an open hand to all


I pray that each of us will choose 

To be better, more loving, more caring

I pray that we see beyond ourselves

Chanting “Hallelujah” to our differences


I pray you will allow me to sit by you

To share your prayers with me

I pray that we can journey together

On this beautiful road we call life


Jadwiga Brown is a writer living in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.






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