Wednesday, April 07, 2021


By Jadwiga Brown

Noise it is everywhere — I hear it - I feel it!

It permeates my every pore — it hurts

Then I think of noise that I do not hear as noise

My dog incessantly barking — a woodpecker pecking on my house

A baby’s cry; its mother’s desperate voice trying to bring quiet

And I understand that what is noise to me

Is perhaps sounds of comfort to you...

I sit with others, yet each alone  — meditating, lost in oneself

A soft, mesmerizing voice guides us

I float into a spiritual paradise, lost in thought

And then, harshly, this magic moment shatters

Jarring sounds fill my being —  jangling, banging

Discordant chimes persist, chilling my body and soul

My eyes open, I am back in the now!!!!

The chimes keep jingling, clanging, dinging

I look around. Except for the cacophony of the chimes

There is nothing but meditative silence

All those around me are absorbed in their inner selves

I am startled — what am I hearing that you are not?

And I ask, are these sounds comforting to you my friends

Are they not, also an intrusion on your being?

I observe, slowly beginning to appreciate 

Noise is a synonym for life! It is so simple!

YOUR NOISE IS NOT MY NOISE — what irks me, brings you joy

No two beings are alike — no two sounds are heard the same

We need to listen — to embrace the other’s noise

To learn to tolerate that which we find to be strident

To blend our noises into one enchanting harmony...

A harmony that brings Shalom —Peace — to you, to me

Jadwiga Brown, who lives in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, works in corporate image management. 

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