Wednesday, November 24, 2010


By Claudia Ricci

No, I haven't lost my mind. I have a witness. I have my husband to confirm what happened on this blog, right before my eyes.

I have my husband, who is a very calm and rational sort of man, to vouch for the fact that something, or some body, or some consciousness, took over this blog for at least a while. And began sending messages to me that were crazy.

I am still sorting it all out. I am still shaking.

All I know is that shortly after I posted "Chapter Six: "Boiling Over," Antonie Writes About Renata From Camp," something incredibly strange and weird happened.

All I know is that I have to write about it, here. And I will, just as soon as I can get my head straight, and my hands to stop shaking and my heart to stop slamming inside my chest.

Before I write the next installment of this very very weird book that I am calling Sister Mysteries, I have to go out for a run.

Because I've begun to think that this book is taking over, in ways that I cannot possibly explain.

Stay tuned.

Sister Mysteries is an on-line book that is part of the Albany Times Union's Writing In Motion project, which features seven writers who are committed to completing their books by the end of the year. Castenata -- a book that author Claudia Ricci wrote in 1995 -- is a time travel murder mystery featuring a nun, Sister Renata. In 1883 the nun was falsely accused of murdering her cousin Antonie. Renata's version of the story is contained within her diaries, the first of which can be found on this site.

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