Friday, March 19, 2021

Hawks Soaring Overhead and Hooting with Owls!

My dear friend Kellie Meisl was taking a walk a few days ago when she realized that a hawk was circling overhead. Then she realized there were three hawks! She stopped and snapped this photo. Kellie keeps an amazing blog at If you visit her blog, you will see a marvelous video in which she becomes an "Owl Whisperer!":

She writes: 


I've been communicating with Owls. This is a clip of one of our conversations:

"On a hike a couple of months ago now, I heard an owl hooting so I hooted back. To my surprise it came to me, a Barred Owl, I saw it as it swooped in silently landing in a nearby tree. At the time I wasn't able to snap a shot of it, as it was obscured by the evergreen. 

Then, on my late afternoon walks I began to hear the owl at the same time, and in the same location, So, one day I decided to hoot again and sure enough it came and alighted in a nearby tree. This time, it left me a feather."

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