Monday, March 01, 2021

"WILL YOU HOLD MY STORY?" A wonderful new children's book by Kathy Joy!

 Here is Kathy Joy's brand new children's book -- one that will delight any age group! The message is universal!

During her decades-long radio career in the Denver, Colorado area, Kathy Joy was an often-sought after speaker for women's events. In the trenches herself with mothers of young children, Kathy brought a gritty and funny and uncut approach to daily realities.

After relocating to her home area of  rural Pennsylvania with her family, Kathy endured the sudden loss of her husband, Roger, who was only 60  years old.

To cope with her loss, Kathy began to imagine grief from a child's point of view. A big story inside a small person is very hard to carry!

"Will You Hold My Story?" grew out of this realization. The book reveals Kathy's very generous heart for sharing burdens. By telling our stories to people willing to listen with their whole hearts, we give others permission to unload their own weights and worries.

Kathy, who now makes her home in Erie, PA, is an enthusiastic supporter of therapy dogs and dogs in general, as they are such loyal friends, sweet companions and excellent listeners.

As the author of a four-book series called Breath of Joy, and as a social media fan and inspirational speaker, Kathy Joy has found her voice in the world of children's literature.

Kathy -- whose full name is Kathy Joy Hoffner -- holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and communication from Messiah College, in Grantham, PA. She says her favorite semester at college included the study of children's books.

To purchase the book, go to Do it today! 


Kathy Joy said...

Thank you for promoting my debut children's book on your blog page -- I am honored. I hope young readers and adults alike will relate to this story about the value of listening -- of bearing the weight of another's story.

Laura Bartnick said...

I can confirm. This is the gracious and and intuitive story telling of beloved Kathy Joy!