Tuesday, October 26, 2010

STAY TUNED: Seven New Writing Projects All of Which Will be FINISHED by year's end!!

By Lori Cullen

Sometimes you stay up too late at night and a crazy idea takes shape. Before you know it, you’ve opened your mouth, created a blog post that says you swear, come hell or high water, that you’re going to finish your novel (Like Fish Out of Water) by the end of the year. Then you make a call far and wide for other writers to do the same in a nanowrimo-style-online-writing challenge right here on your blog.

The next day after you’ve had your coffee and you’ve slept a little, you can’t escape that morning-after feeling that you might have done something crazy, so you check your phone–nothing there, your email–nothing there either except a couple of emails from people you don’t know sending you writing samples, your blog–aah hah. Writing in Motion.

Well maybe no one will really respond. I mean, who really is going to commit to writing online furiously from now until the end of the year to finish a novel or a story in just 65 days. It turns out, there are many writers who have had characters lurking around their heads and their lives just saying, “Come on now. Just finish me already.”

So here we are: seven writers, turning off the TV, saying no to the kids, the spouses, the SO’s, all working on a variety of projects in a variety of genres with just one goal. Get it done.

Below, you’ll find a list of participating writers. At my blog, you can click on each writer to read a description of their project and their specific goals. As their projects progress, you’ll find their writing listed by title under “Writing in Motion” on the lower right side of this blog page.

I hope you’ll stop by to read and give them support:


Andrew Bull Thrift Store Adventures Fiction
Laurie Burns Natalie Juvenile Fiction
Lori Cullen Like Fish Out of Water Fiction
Jacqueline Kirkpatrick 77 Pine Street Fiction
Jolie Morange Nobuhle: The Beautiful One Fiction
Claudia Ricci Switch!! Fiction
Joshua P. Sheridan Old Fires Fiction

Lori Cullen's blog is at the Times Union's website. All seven of the books that are part of "Writing in Motion" can be accessed from Ms. Cullen's blog.


Unknown said...

Great idea. It's like a caged death match for writers. It's not over until it's really, totally over. And the cage is there for a reason: there's no way out. I applaud.

Note to self: these people are experts, don't try this at home.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................