Monday, February 21, 2011

"I'm Gonna Live!"

By Roshell Roland-Curry

Death’s angels came to me today reminding me of all my ways, and how they blocked my path.

Death showers came and rained their soothing sounds, saying

you can leave today make it all go away, you won’t cry no more, hurt no more, see no more, breathe no more

In that second it seemed so right and then there came my saving light.

It screamed and groaned so loud in me saying

I’m gonna live, I’m gonna live. I wanna live; I wanna live, to see the sun rise again, to feel the wind rub my face, to hear the songs the birds will sing, to taste the fruit that harvest brings, to smell the salt in the ocean’s breeze I wanna live.

Death’s angel started in right away with despair and troubled times, heart ache, pain and all my shame.

My saving light so shined on me and whispered,

Remember when we laughed and played, remember trouble don’t last always. Remember this you do in remembrance of me, my blood was shed to set you free, I died, was buried, and rose again! Remember you're always in my hands

I’m gonna live, I’m gonna live, I wanna live, wanna live.

I don’t remember breathing in my sleep, but I know it is God keeping me. He wakes me each morning with new grace and mercy saying behold the sun rising again, feel the wind caress your skin, listen to the melodies the birds sing, savor the fruit my harvest brings, smell the seasoning in the ocean's breeze...

You’re living!

Writer Roshell Roland-Curry lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She is exploring the way poetry writing can help to move her life forward.

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Claudia R said...

Dear Roshell - thanks so much for writing this piece for My Story Lives. It has a lot of power and raw emotion! Claudia