Monday, February 14, 2011

"Take Me"

By Camincha

Take me
in your hands
like I was a tall cool
glass of water. First you
taste me. Slowly. Like you
'been trudging through the
desert and just found an
oasis, seductive, abundant.
Then drop to your knees
and drink from me like
I am your last chance.

Take me
in your hands
pushing your tongue
just for a sip. You'll swish
it 'round in your mouth
waking your taste buds
to the promised pleasures.

Take me
in your hands
hungrily, anxiously and
drink, drink, drink till we
have exhausted all positions
and our aching bodies have
erased all other memories.

Take me
in your hands…

Camincha is a pen name for a writer who lives in California.

“…But Camincha wants to take in continents and hemispheres. She is a woman of extraordinary vitality, passion and a hunger for life...” -- Michael Krasny KQED-FM


camincha said...

Dear readers: Notice that nxt 2 my poem, TAKE ME, the painting is of multi-talented, Claudia Ricci Phd author of Seeing Red.

Kellie M. said...

Delicious and perfect for the day!

camincha said...

Kellie: How kind of U 2 take the time 2 post me a note.
Thnkx hugs & kisses.

camincha said...

Kellie: Thnkx U 4 taking time 2 give me positive feedback. Hugs 2 U.