Saturday, May 30, 2020


Today being my half-birthday, May 29th, 2020, I was feeling a little buoyant.  I sat down to meditate this morning in front of the open door of my study/studio. Looking out the door at the meadow was delightful. Hummingbirds kept landing on the feeder, and a small deer pranced across the thick grasses. Flowers fluttered in the navy flower pot.


The cool breeze kept blowing into the room. But I was warm sitting there in my nightgown and bathrobe.
So first I took off the bathrobe. But I was still feeling hot.
That’s when I shed my nightgown. There I sat, bare-chested, sitting in meditation feeling cool breeze sweep all over my upper body and head. It was indeed exhilarating!
I smiled. Mary had once suggested to me that I should step outside the house some night completely naked, letting energy from the stars and the moon descend upon me. So here now, I was taking the first step.
What followed made sense to me. I started to think about Mary’s instruction about purple flames. She has talked to me about purple flames off and on for years. Whenever I am up against some conundrum, especially with family or friends, she tells me to close my eyes and imagine the situation completely immersed in violet flames.
“The flames purify the situation and then return it to the human dimension,” Mary says.
These are not flames that burn in the true sense. They are a sacred form of energy that cleanse whatever needs purification in the human realm. Have an argument with your sister? Imagine her and yourself immersed in purple flames and the situation will resolve itself!

“These flames consume all human weakness and fear,” Mary says. “They destroy the consciousness of the ego and the lower human realm. It’s a sacred fire and it would never harm anyone. They’re a type of energy devoted to creating Divine purity.”
So lately I’ve been surrounding myself and loved ones in violet flames. Whenever I hear about a friend in trouble, or a family member facing a difficult situation or an illness, I close my eyes and imagine violet flames inside and all around them. “It’s all about achieving purity,” Mary says.

So I’ve decided that I am now going to start imagining this book in violet flames. I want to let go thinking about its outcome and just yield my will up to the divine. BEING GINA, will make that a lot easier.
I’ll just let the universe steer my writing.

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