Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Feeling Grateful and Choosing Joy!

This morning a small group of us gathered at the Jewish cemetery in Great Barrington, where my dear friend David King was laid to rest. It was a beautiful event and the weather was just Berkshire Mountains perfect, a blue sky and a slight breeze to keep us cool under the hot sun. David's wife, Sharon Flitterman-King, looked so lovely and smiled in spite of her deep sadness. Joining Sharon were David's daughter, Betsy, and her husband Bob Bergantino. Also present in spirit was Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, Sharon's beloved twin sister, who was kept from attending because of concerns over COVID.

David's gravesite sits on the edge of a magnificent forest, and right beside a strong young maple tree. I had the feeling that we could have just sat there, peacefully meditating, all day long.

Our Rabbi, Neil Hirsch, led the service. There were beautiful prayers, and a Native American poem. To end the service, each of us lifted a shovel full of soil and dropped it onto the pine casket.

You couldn't ask for a more beautiful funeral. All of us were feeling so full of love for David, who had a joie de vivre that was profound. No matter that he suffered so very much, having to endure the aftereffects of polio most all his life, he kept his good cheer right up until the end.

Because of COVID, David's memorial service will have to wait. But we are going to celebrate his life in our hearts right now!

Sharon gave me something very special that had belonged to David: a small wooden plaque that reads "Choose Joy." It's very very sweet and it's particularly appropriate because David always loved my adorable little dog, Poco!

This plaque will sit in my study on the window sill! And yes, Sharon and David, I will continue to choose joy every day as I know you have!

After sharing a little lunch with Sharon and David's daughter, Betsy, I came home and planted. And I watered the new flowers in my garden and all of my houseplants with Miracle Gro. It made me feel so alive to see the sprinkling light blue water being soaked up by the plants.

I took this photo a few minutes ago after I noticed how the sunlight made the fruit bowl glow! There is no end to the miracles once you start to see them.

I am so grateful for David and Sharon's friendship all these years! My heart glows with love for both of them.

Later, the sunset over the meadow was spectacular. It might be the best sunset we've ever seen here! Heaven was definitely celebrating David King's arrival!

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