Monday, August 22, 2011

Hummingbirds Come, And Then They Go

Yesterday's rain has left behind an early autumn chill.
The light is clear and has that September glow.
This morning I sit in a lawn chair
waiting for the emerald
hummers to come.

I train my long lens
on what looks to be
an orange-throated bird

One of the great joys of summer
is the way these birds divebomb
the two feeders.

I like feeling needed by these birds.
I like having to refill the feeders every few days.
I love stirring the white sugar into the water
and beating the liquid with a spoon until it's crystal clear.

I like having the birds here.

So much.

How it pinches today, to feel the days growing shorter.
And to know how soon these birds will go.

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