Thursday, November 24, 2016

Don't Just Sit There Scared Shitless

Ok it's taken me all this time to listen to Jon Oliver's extraordinary "Last Week" show. It's been impossible for me to look at HIM (strawberry hair yellow face and clown-like and mean disposition) and to think he will replace Barack Obama (coffee skin, black white curly hair, funny and low-key disposition) The thought of Melania at the swearing in is too much to contemplate so I don't.

There are not enough words in the English language to express the election of a racist and misogynist
as our President. I am going to DC for three days this week just to soak up the last juices of an eight-year presidency that saw the passage of the Affordable Care Act, among  other accomplishments.

I wish I didn't know that two million more Americans voted for Hillary than for Dump.  When I try to think about him in the Oval Office, giving the State of the Union Address, my stomach contracts. I get depressed. I get scared. And then it's back to the stomach contractions for another go-round.

Let's do what Oliver says: put your money to work donating to advocacy organizations and media outlets. You know what they are. Get to work, volunteering. Write your Congress person. March in Washington on January 21st. Stop relying on Facebook for news because too often the crap is a crackpot rumor. Don't believe anything coming down the Trumpike.


Let's work toward a comeback in 2018. Let's hope for the best. Let's be prepared for the worst as in the Supreme Court of the United States. Let's hold monthly candlelight vigils in every major and minor city across the country. Hold regular protests on the Washington mall.

I always wondered how scary dictators ended up running things in all those countries around the world.
We never thought such a thing was possible here.

Clearly, we were wrong.

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