Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Two Drops of Ink, a Lovely Literary Blog

If you're in the mood for poetry and other literary writing, I kindly suggest you take a look at Two Drops of Ink, a fabulous literary blog.

I thank Linked In for bringing it to my attention.  The minute I saw its gorgeous look -- and after I saw the list of its highly successful contributors -- I knew at once that I wanted to submit my work.

Here, today, the site has published a poem of mine called "Red Bird Alert."

So on behalf of a great blog, I am calling all writers to send your work to them. The Editor-in-Chief, Scott Biddulph, responded to my poem with incredible insight. His comments couldn't have been more helpful and will be useful as I go forward.

The internet has done wonders for the writers of the world. Getting our work out there into the universe has never been easier. Come and join in the fun!

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