Monday, November 14, 2016

So you wanna be a writer do you?

Maybe you are a beginning writer. Or a writer with half a novel tucked in your desk drawer. Or someone who has always dreamed about writing but wasn't sure how to take the first steps.

Check out my snazzy new website to see what kind of class might suit your needs.

I can help you to improve your writing no matter how long you've been at it. As a working professional for the past four decades, I have published in virtually every category of writing:

Journal writing (including visuals)
Public relations
Book reviews (New York Times)
Newsletter writing and editing
Magazine writing
Personal (first-person) essays
Short fiction
Written scripts for public radio
University papers
Doctoral dissertations
Blogging (The Huffington Post)

I am currently teaching a writing class called Torah Matters at my temple, Hevreh of Southern Berkshire, in Great Barrington, MA. I am also leading a writing workshop for a half dozen women with developmental disabilities at a phenomenal residence, Riverbrook, in Stockbridge, MA.

In January, I will be teaching a half-day workshop at the Lenox Community Center, in Lenox, MA.

Maybe you know someone who wants to write but has been too shy to try. I hope you will share with them my new website,

I have taught thousands of students how to write, as well as dozens of adults who came to writing later in life. It's never too late to write your heart out!

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