Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fantastic Flower Show at Smith College

There may still be lots of snow on the ground, and several weeks before bulbs blossom in the garden.

But in a 19th century greenhouse on the Smith college campus in Northampton, MA, a spectacular flower show boasts hundreds and hundreds of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, orchids and various other spring flowers.

People walk into the show and are stunned, as if they've just stepped into Emerald City along with Dorothy and her three buddies. How do  you take in the dazzling splendor?

One of the volunteers said that she's never seen so many happy people. The crowds were thick and the cameras were everywhere, but people were smiling and extra polite.

The show began March 3rd and ended today, March 19th. Mark your calendar for next year.

Meanwhile, Smith's greenhouse, built in 1895, features towering palms and more exotic plants than you can imagine, all year round. Visitors are welcome, and the volunteer said to bring a book, as there are benches throughout the greenhouse.

What a great place to decompress and ponder the marvels of Mother Nature.

As my husband remarked, "it's like going to Florida or California."

It is, and it only cost $5.

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