Monday, March 20, 2017

A writing class that draws on meditation and inspirational exercises


A Workshop to Discover Yourself in Words and Meditation

Lenox Community Center
Lenox, MA

10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

First session
Saturday, March 25th, 2017

$25 per session

Subsequent sessions April 1st, 8th and 15th

Do you dream about becoming a writer? Do you write and then secret it away in a drawer? “Write Your Heart Out” is a workshop that will lead you through a series of meditative and inspirational exercises designed to help you write about your life and things you love. These exercises are very simple – as simple as breathing – and they will help bring to the surface your thoughts, your past experiences, and your feelings, some of which may surprise you. 

We rely on breathing because our end goal is to help you write the same way you breathe – naturally, without thinking about it, letting words and images rise to the surface. Then we just write them down! Simple, right? WRITE!

This workshop is not intended to teach the nuts and bolts of writing but rather to encourage writers to discover their authentic voices, in part by reading their work aloud. Along the way we aim to take the fear out of writing.

So if you want to be creative and relaxed while having fun, then please come join us!

In this workshop you will learn:

How to give yourself permission to write
How to develop your own authentic writing voice
How to use music and art and photos to spark your writing
How to use meditation and visualization to inspire your writing  
How to establish and maintain a writing routine
How to build a supportive writing community

This workshop is offered by Claudia Ricci, Ph.D., a long-time University professor who is also a published fiction and non-fiction writer.  A practitioner of yoga and meditation for many years, she began teaching “Write Your Heart Out” workshops in 2003 and began painting the same year. Her websites are at and

Contact Claudia Ricci at or (518) 469-7854.

Praise for Write Your Heart Out:

“It was a great course. In addition to being an excellent teacher, Claudia Ricci has a way of getting people to feel comfortable with their writing.  I've been writing, writing, writing and I feel it's very helpful in reducing stress.”
-- Jane 

“I totally loved the workshop!!!! The time went so fast, and the exercises were very meaningful for me. You did such a great job of weaving it all togethker at a great pace. THANK YOU!!!!!!” – Jacqueline

“I took Claudia Ricci’s workshop in January for a “jump start” and it was great.  The attendees were diverse in age and writing experience, but they all seemed to love the class.  Some of the writing exercises took us places we didn’t know we were going until our pens were moving on the paper.  Claudia’s critiques of the writings that people chose to share were very positive and encouraging.  I would highly recommend her classes.” -- Anne

“This was a well-thought out workshop. It was such a treat to have the time to just write. The writing ideas were free enough so that I felt I could just "play" and see what happened.” -- Christine

“Claudia Ricci’s workshop was very enjoyable . It got me to start putting things on paper – that made me powerful enough to express my feelings.”
-- Sarah

I would like to thank you for this wonderful workshop.  You made us all feel welcomed and stimulated and confident with our writing. I enjoyed your techniques and methods.  The exercises – including the guided imagery -- I found very useful.  It brings out the creative juices!  The breathing exercise was calming and helped get the writing process going. This workshop offered such a wealth of information, encouragement, and teaching tools to help me feel motivated to write.  Participating in this class has helped me to go from thinking to actually writing.  I enjoyed how you made the class personal as well, opening up each of us to witness others. This approach helped me to see we really all have the same human struggles and we just need to be positive and start writing!! Bravo!!”      -- Dalija

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