Sunday, March 05, 2017

A Reader Writes

In response to Thursday's post, I received the email below from my friend Michael Symons. 
It reminded me why I write and take photos.

Dear Claudia,

What a hopeful message is contained in this blog.

Awakened at my usual 3 a.m. and the first thing I saw was this photo which reminded me of all the beauty that is still left in this world.

Anger is good if it is channeled into something constructive - something that deals with the cause of the anger.

I am reminded of the alleged last words of the labor activist, Joe Hill: "Don't mourn, organize!"

Look how things changed in just a few hours:

After being caught in a lie, Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself but now he is being pressured to take it another step further and just resign.

Whether he does or not, let us grasp onto the hope that he might and even if he doesn't, let's just awaken every day with that beautiful photo you posted. That's the kind of beauty that even Trump and his gang can't drag down into the mud.
I always keep the words of my favorite poet, John Keats in mind.

His poem, "Endymion," begins:

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
Its loveliness increases;
It will never pass into nothingness"

Beauty can be measured in the freedoms we have as well as what  we see outside our windows on a morning like this.  And neither Trump nor Bannon nor Miller nor Sessions  nor Conway can ever destroy that kind of beauty.

Sorry for going on and on but your blog got to me this morning.

Keep the faith,

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