Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Finally, I Can Tell You All About the Miracles

To start with, I will say that absolutely everything in existence -- from bleeding hearts and babies to rocks and boulders to planets revolving around the sun -- all of it is one gigantic infinite ball of miracles that I cannot possibly absorb.

But here, today, I want to say that when you pay attention to the infinity of each moment, then you start to notice all these small coincidences, or as my husband calls them coinkydinkies, that take your breath away.

There are so many of them in fact that I keep a file on my computer called, what else, "COINKYDINKIES." Today is the day to write about these miracles and how they keep occurring. Over and over and over again.

Why is today the day?

Because a few minutes ago when I was trying to send a text to my dear friend Kellie Meisl, I pushed the send button and

the text

kind of exploded and disappeared from the screen.

So I wrote another text to Kellie (who is one of those persons who sees MIRACLES)

and the very same thing happens.

Again, this happens when you are linked into the energy of the Universe. When you can feel the energy of eternity, pulsing in each moment, then electrical instruments get overloaded. It's happened to me over and over again.

And it happened once again about ten minutes ago.

I was having my Tuesday call with my dear spiritual therapist, Mary Marino, who has helped me see the beauty and magic of the Universe.

And I was explaining what happened with the texts to Kellie, and suddenly

the phone went dead.

"Mary, are you there?" The call seemed to be going forward but I couldn't hear her.

So I hung up.

And called her back.

"Wow," Mary said. "I could hear you, and then there was a sound, a silent explosion, I could feel it, then everything went completely silent! I could hear you, I kept saying, "Gina? Gina?" I could hear you but you couldn't hear me."

I will be writing more about these miracles. Stay tuned!

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