Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Kellie and the White Orchid

Miracles seem to be happening constantly...

My dear friend Sharon is grieving the loss of her beloved husband, David King. Flowers and cards have been flooding her home in Hillsdale, New York.

Two orchids arrived. I happen to be an orchid nut and I commented on how beautiful they are.

"Please please take them," Sharon said. "I can't possibly take care of them."

"But all you need to do is give each one of them three ice cubes a week," I replied.

Sharon was firm. She didn't want to keep the orchids.

I loved the lime green and cranberry one. But I knew the towering white orchid was not for me.

But who would I give it to?

Suddenly I knew. It has to be Kellie, I said. My dear friend Kellie, an artist extraordinaire, who also is on Instagram as WalkArtDream. She takes daily forays into the forest near her home and takes amazing photos.

So yesterday I texted Kellie a photo of the white orchid, towering over the others in my kitchen. I told her I wanted her to have it.

And this is astonishing text she sent back to me:

Omg!! It’s beautiful and perfect!! It’s so funny because I’ve been very attracted to white flowers. In fact I am planting only white annuals in this little garden on my patio… I’ve been on the hunt for white geraniums and haven’t come across the right size yet— I just want tiny ones to start with so I can take them in, in the fall. Meanwhile, I’ve been nursing an orchid that has not re-bloomed that was at my mom’s house and just yesterday I was thinking that maybe I should start fresh. This white orchid is just perfect!!!!! I can’t wait to hear the story X0XOXO Oh! And I reluctantly took my mother’s milk glass collection… And have been enjoying every piece of it, unexpectedly!

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