Sunday, June 14, 2020

"Please God Heal Her!"

Another coinkydinky -- a miraculous coincidence-- happens this very morning:

June 13, 2020 10:30 a.m. I am eating scrambled eggs and toast and worrying about my friend Sharon. There is nothing I can do to heal her and I feel a bit desperate. Suddenly I remember it's Shabbat and Torah services are underway. I slide onto ZOOM and on the screen I see the Torah portion and I am astonished as it is all about HEALING!

Rabbi Hirsch is leading the discussion, all about what Moses says to God when he wants to heal Miriam:

"El na r'fana!"

"Please God Heal Her!"

I start saying El na r'fana over and over and over again.

The discussion is fascinating. Someone points out that the name El, for God, is the name of the God Who acts in the world. This God doesn't speak to Moses in a vision or a dream, or in riddles or figurative language or metaphor, but rather in plain speech. God pierces straight to the heart of the healing matter. And Moses asks not just for physical healing, but for healing greater than the physical. That is, spiritual healing. I am feeling so swept up in the discussion.

Suddenly, my cell phone rings. I see that it is Sharon, so I answer it. I tell her I am at services. I will have to phone her back.

"El na r'fana!"

Oh God, please heal her. When Sharon was well, she went to Shabbat services practically every Saturday morning. And then, on the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur, last October 9th, when she was speaking to Rabbi Gordon at the altar, she fell backwards and broke her hip. That started a chain of events that has continued. Among those events is the death of her beloved husband, David King.

"El na r'fana."

"Oh God Please Heal Her!"

This morning when I was meditating I selected this card from my angel cards:

I write in my journal:

"Please God, let me be humble. Let me be filled with love. Let me be strong. I pray she may heal. I wrap her in purple flames!"

"El na r'fana!"

When I spoke to her this morning, I told her I wished I could heal her.

She replied, "I have to heal myself!"


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