Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Grandma Michelina sending us SIGNS!

Another "coinkydinky," or miraculous coincidence: This I believe was the first one I recall, but I will keep meditating on that. My sister Holly Ricci -- a writer herself -- is wrapped up in this one, as I believe she is capable of telepathy. She has conveyed other truths to me!
December 1, 1996 Grandma Michelina’s funeral takes place today, she having died on my birthday, November 29th. We go to the Trattoria for lunch afterward and in the parking lot, I see a rainbow overhead and I say "Grandma Mish is here." 

Aunt Joyce overhears me and says I’m a “romantic.” Holly comes up to me and for no reason she places in my hand me this sparkling star. Why are you doing this Haw? It takes me many years to understand that Grandma Mish was with us sending me (us?) signs!

Today another coinkydinky:

June 16, 2020 Mary sends me a link to a video called “Powerful Healing Meditation with Archangel Raphael’s Emerald Green Flames,” and I start to play it but then decide to go change into my exercise clothes. I walk into the kitchen and the radio announcer is talking about “GREEN LIGHT!”
There will be thousands of these coinkydinkies, Mary says!

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