Wednesday, April 22, 2020

One hundred years later...

April 22, 2020
ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO today, on April 22, 1920, 
my maternal grandmother, Michelina Capone, married my grandfather, Claude Rotondo.

These were not wealthy people, but we are told that the wedding celebrations went on for three days. And Michelina did some of the cooking for her own wedding.
Six years later, in March of 1926, Michelina gave birth to my mother, Dena.
Dena’s full name was Clementina Dena,
and she was named
for my great grandmother Clementina Ciucci Capone.
In August 2019, my granddaughter, Dani Guggenheim, was named for her great grandmother, Dena.
So indirectly, Dani was named for her great great great grandmother,
Clementina Capone.
Great Grandma Clementina is pictured here with her grandson, Frankie Cialfi, my mother's cousin.

The name Clementina translates into “mild or merciful or gentle.”  My mother was all those things. It's been almost six years since her passing, and we are all still missing her!
But what a live wire baby Dani is! At eight months old, she is climbing stairs and close to walking, just like her great grandmother, who walked at nine months.

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