Friday, April 03, 2020


My grandmother Albina Orzo Ricci's family is beginning to speak to me.

The other day,  I went grocery shopping for whole wheat pasta (the shelves were bare because of the  the COVID-19 panic.)

I went to two stores and the only thing I could find was WHOLE WHEAT ORZO.
As I wrote in the Instagram caption, "Maybe my ancestors are trying to speak to me!"

What happened a few days later was just plain astonishing.

My sister Holly texted me and said, "Caw ya gotta follow the ORZO FACEBOOK PAGE. Look at this post."  Holly had written a Facebook message to our cousin Donna Ricci, who lives up in Maine.

Holly wrote: "I can't thank you enough for being the caretaker of all this ORZO family history."

Donna replied: "My hope is that someone in my lifetime will be interested in writing a book about our ORZO family (hint hint Claudia Ricci.)"

I was stunned. How could she possibly know that I've already started writing such a book!

But now I am simply humbled. If I am supposed to play a role in telling the ancestors' story, so be it.

Curiously, the word ancestors in Italian is

antenati. Like antenna.

I haven't been on Facebook in years, but yesterday I put a message on my cousin Donna's wall: "I hope you are patient because it takes a long time to write a book. I can tell you what the name of the book is, however: I've decided to call it PEARLY EVERLASTING: A Joyful Remembrance."

Many times Mary has told me that when in doubt, I should ask the angels and archangels for help. This morning, before meditating, I did that, and I also asked my ancestors' help to write the book. I wrote my plea down in purple and green ink in my journal.

"Chiedo a tutti gli angeli e gli arcangeli e miei antenati e i maestri scesi mi aiuti a scrivere questo libro."

So, Mom, now I hear you saying a word that you must have said a million times to me.



I wrote in my journal:

"Sento la mamma dire che devi aspettare."

"I hear Mom
saying 'You have to wait.'"

For inspiration.

I am happy to wait. It's uncharacteristic of me, but I'm ready to be patient.

After all, Mary says there is no such thing as time, time is always NOW.

The present moment is sacred, she says, a portal to the "Eternal Ever Present Now."

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