Thursday, April 02, 2020

Gathering Beach Glass

By Kathy Joy

Churned from murky depths
    pummeled, smoothed, victorious
    waiting to be found.

Kathy Joy is a Pennsylvania-based author of a four-book series, "Breath of Joy." She writes for the collaborative group, Books for Bonding Hearts, and is a blogger at Coffee With Kathy.
She began collecting her “everyday celebrations” as pithy little affirmations of life.
When her husband, Roger, died unexpectedly on the family farm, Kathy made a decision to keep writing down her affirmations; they have become deep and abiding declarations of survival.
Kathy, in the wake of her grief, strongly believes her writings are a kaleidoscope of prayers sent into a needy, aching world.
It is her hope that her readers glean the best bits for their own journeys.

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