Friday, April 10, 2020

A Day Has a Hundred Pockets

 “When one has much to put into them, a day has a hundred pockets.”
--Friedrich Nietzche, German philosopher
By Kathy Joy
One of my favorite springtime rituals is finding cool stuff in the pockets of my lighter jackets. On a recent dig, I found: a pack of mints, some loose change, a stone, a doggy waste bag, some old receipts and a grocery list.
That folded-up green bag with paw prints printed on it? 
That tugged at my heart. Recently, I had to say goodbye to my furry companion, Reina.
She was the heartbeat at my feet, and sometimes the "Speedbump" under foot, so there is a particular new meaning to living alone.
The stone is smooth and small – the perfect “worry stone” with a convenient little thumb-sized spot. Smooth stones got that way naturally by running water; or, in our case, by constant churning and tumbling in the lake. When these tossed and flattened survivors come ashore, they are to me as precious as beach glass. 
One smooth stone
in the pocket is a yoga stretch; a deep-breathing exercise; a centering moment; a prayer.
If you go through last year’s pockets, you may find cash. And that’s great! 
If, however, you find a smooth stone, you can cash in on a hundred little pockets of peace.

Kathy Joy is a Pennsylvania-based author of a four-book series, "Breath of Joy." She writes for the collaborative group, Books for Bonding Hearts, and is a blogger at Coffee With Kathy. 
She began collecting her “everyday celebrations” as pithy little affirmations of life.
When her husband, Roger, died unexpectedly on the family farm, Kathy made a decision to keep writing down her affirmations; they have become deep and abiding declarations of survival.
Kathy, in the wake of her grief, strongly believes her writings are a kaleidoscope of prayers sent into a needy, aching world.
Recently, after sequestering employees at home in the wake of COVID-19, Kathy's employer asked her to write a daily "mini-blog of encouragement, to help keep us focused and connected." This post was one of the employees' favorites to date.


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