Sunday, April 05, 2020

No Hard Feelings, Just LOVE!

In these turbulent times, it's more important than ever that LOVE is our number one priority. As my April calendar reads, (thanks to Ram Das and to my sister Holly for buying me this calendar every year):

"Look at the people you don't love and see them as an exercise for you to OPEN YOUR HEART!"

And here are the lyrics to the Avett Brothers' amazing song, "No Hard Feelings."

When my body won't hold me anymore 
And it finally lets me free 
Will I be ready? 
When my feet won't walk another mile 
And my lips give their last kiss goodbye 
Will my hands be steady?
When I lay down my fears 
My hopes and my doubts 
The rings on my fingers 
And the keys to my house 
With no hard feelings
When the sun hangs low in the west 
And the light in my chest 
Won't be kept held at bay any longer 
When the jealousy fades away 
And it's ash and dust for cash and lust 
And it's just hallelujah 
And love in thoughts and love in the words 
Love in the songs they sing in the church 
And no hard feelings
Lord knows they haven't done 
Much good for anyone 

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