Friday, June 19, 2020

You Rock!

By Kathy Joy

According to Wikipedia, “soft skills” are a combination of people skills, social graces, communication finesse, personality traits, attitudes and emotional intelligence. 
They are like the “resume” you wear on your face. Potential employers watch for this perhaps more than the paper resume you carry into the interview.
Your soft skills help you navigate your environment, and they are really getting a workout in this sort-of-post-Covid season we are in at the moment. You have had to reach deep into your resources for flexibility in uncertain times. You have challenged your own wits and discovered new ways to perform your job.
Hard skills, on the other hand, are teachable and measurable abilities, such as writing, reading, math or ability to use computer programs. 
Hard skills are seen and measured, while soft skills are nuanced.
And so the combination of soft and hard skills is a dynamic force in the workplace – your combo is unique to you.
We are all rock stars tuning our instruments to perform great music today.
Nobody else can bring quite the guitar riff you can; each member of the band is legendary in their own way.
So let your education serve you well – but let your creative side lead the way. We may be a fragmented team, but we’re still an awesome band. 
Our fans are waiting. 
We are unstoppable.

Kathy Joy is a Pennsylvania-based author of a four-book series, "Breath of Joy." She writes for the collaborative group, Books for Bonding Hearts, and is a blogger at Coffee With Kathy.  Recently she was asked to keep a mini-blog for her coworkers, who are sequestered at home because of the pandemic. "You Rock" is one of those daily blogposts.

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