Thursday, July 09, 2020

This is how the dream feels:
simple but full
of a strange
mystery too.
I keep reaching into some
kind of bottle or box
for new

blue contact lenses.
I lay them in my eyes
to see
the color of a pale sky.
I am seeing myself 
as a teacher of writing again too.

When I wake up, absolutely
everything feels possible.

I am skywriting
I am rewiring
I am uncluttered and
bathed in
rays of buttery light.

I tell Mary about the
dream and she says
think about this:
contact has a double meaning:
it describes the lenses yes
but it is also the condition
of new touching.

You have fresh vision in a
blue that is

cleansing and purifying.
It’s a wash that makes you
ready to deliver
whatever heaven
offers up.


Editor's note: I decided this morning to scroll back through past blog posts to see what would 
come up. This one ran on February 2, 2019, a year before I started writing the new book, 
"Pearly Everlasting." It feels like it could be any moment, RIGHT IN THE NOW. Today, 
July 9, 2020, we are starting the Journal Discussion Group on Zoom. There are six amazing 
women in the group. It's exciting to think what this group might produce and share. I want to 
tell the group that I rely heavily on my journal for many reasons, but perhaps the most important
is to reinforce my SPIRITUALITY AND MY impulse to stay in the NOW.

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