Thursday, July 16, 2020

Splashing In -- the Mysteries of Water

By Kathy Joy
In this season of limited restaurant outings, my family and friends are happily opting into beach picnics on the peninsula. 
The lake beckons, and our sunset suppers are a highlight of summer 2020.

These water encounters are full of life and laughter; no matter how old or young we are, the urge to squeal with delight is irresistible. 
The other night I met up with my daughter, who has an unmistakable kinship with All Things Water. She snaps pictures of sunsets, scours the beach for bits of smoothed glass, and runs to the waves for all the splashes, all the water therapy she can absorb.
Her red hair in the glow of a Lake Erie sunset is a work of art, and can never really be captured in a photo.

After a beach picnic of turkey sandwiches and fresh fruit, we kicked off our flip flops and headed for the surf – which that night was full of kick and sass. 

The waves were rolling in high and splashy. 
The break-walls in the distance were pushing back towers of froth and spray.
I carry this memory like a tall glass of pure hydration: every sip replenishes and renews.
Water is a living, dynamic being – just like us.
A scientist-writer wrote a book, “Secret of Water – A Language of Life.” In the book, and then the movie, the late Masaru Emoto claims water has memory. He says water can be influenced by positive words and form beautiful crystals.
This one has allegedly responded to the words “love” and “gratitude.”
The researcher says water also responds to music in the form of these exquisite hexagonal shapes.
On the flip side, less vibrant, or “dead” water, does not form hexagonal shapes; rather, its image appears flat and unremarkable.
Some might call these ideas bogus, an extreme hoax; even pseudo-science.
No matter where faith and science might overlap, water is pretty amazing.
Water is pretty amazing!
We can all agree it’s important for life.
We, like the surface of the earth, are least 70 per cent water.
An adult should drink at least 2.5 liters of water every day to sustain normal life function. Another 1.5 liters is absorbed through the skin during bathing or showering. 
It is also absorbed from standing in the rain! 

Pretty much every living thing depends on water 
Can water drops retain memory? 
I don’t know. 
Personally, I defer to the Creator for the mysteries of water. 
To me it’s no secret water is life-giving, that it cleanses bodies, refreshes the earth and draws us to the shore for our own rejuvenation.
Test the waters, and see for yourself.

Kathy Joy is a Pennsylvania-based author of a four-book series, "Breath of Joy." She writes for the collaborative group, Books for Bonding Hearts, and is a blogger at Coffee With Kathy.  She lives very close to Lake Erie and is a frequent visitor to the sandy beaches.  After the pandemic set in, Kathy was asked to keep a mini-blog for her coworkers, who are sequestered at home. "Splashing In" is one of those daily blogposts, known as Lunch Jabs.


Kathy Joy said...

Thank you for giving me space on your website as a guest blogger. It’s thrilling to share my experiences on the amazing lake!

BookishConversations said...

I love this!

BookishConversations said...

I love this!