Friday, April 22, 2011

The World In a Raindrop! Celebrate EARTH DAY!!

Photographer Dawn Tejam Diaz, who lives in the Philipines, took this amazing photograph in a park after a rain storm, on March 7, 2011. (The photo appeared first on

Dawn has been taking photos since 1994, and says that raindrops are one of the many "small things" that fascinate her. "If we open our eyes and dare to listen with our hearts," she says, then "we appreciate the small things and the blessings in life."

Dawn always has her camera with her. "My photos are often times reflections of my ideas, yearnings, deep feelings and thoughts."

Photography, she says, "opened up a new world" to her and showed her how to see color and light. "I see and read the world in photography." Her favorite subjects to photograph are leaves, people and lights.

"Anything that has light I capture it."

To access Dawn's other work, go to Blipfoto and look for her photo gallery, which is called "My.Joys.In.Life." One of the magnificent things about Blipfoto is that you instantly "meet" other photographers from around the world.

Thank you Dawn for your photograph -- it really is such a great way to celebrate EARTH DAY!!

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