Wednesday, July 27, 2011


By Judith England

"The state of your bed
is the state of your head,”
she said.

She, a Zen priest, her very being projecting
unruffled calm,
of course.

My own bed that morning looked like the scene
of some terrible struggle, or perhaps
alligator- or demon-wrestling

All night.

So, it’s morning now and I set about to smooth and tuck,
pat and fluff, pressing away with my hand
all that battle left behind,

In hopes that the state of my head can become
the state of my bed.

Writer Judith England is a certified massage therapist and yoga teacher who keeps the Holistic Health blog for the Albany Times Union.


Roshell said...

Thank you for this its my goal as of last week to make my bed everyday as a jump start to getting my life straight one step at a time ive missed three days but thanks to you im ready to begin again!

Linda said...

very nice Judy, i do make it a point to make my bed every day, Its one of the few things my mother taught me that stuck. i also notice the only time i dont make it is when i am sick or in a major rush in am and my head is not quite right on those days. Great poem :)