Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Reader Responds to Sandy Prisant's Story

Note to readers: In March, Sandy Prisant embarked on an incredible writing project, one that he suggested might be his last. Part One appeared March 13, 2011. Part Two appeared March 16, 2011, Part Three on March 27th and Part Four on May 1st, Part Five ran on May 5th. Below is a letter from a reader to Part Six, which ran May 25th.

Dear Sandy Prisant:

You confide in us, the invisible readers of your story, that no one has ever told you, “You’re cured.”

As I’ve said [in earlier comments] before, “you were the miracle-child and now, you’re a marathon survivor against all odds in need of a heart and kidney transplant. It’s your time again to confront death, as you did in the beginning.”

Looking from the outside into your personal universe, it seems you’ve been extraordinarily fortunate to have triumphed over death so many times. Gifted, creative, and innovative surgeons have performed feats of magic, blessing you with life for decades. And yet, you were never cured. And I feel compelled to ask why. Why you? Why did you and your family have to suffer? What is the meaning of such incomprehensible suffering? I do not know you, and yet, I do.

From a distance, I see you as a righteous and decent man. Like Job, you did nothing to warrant such suffering. You’re a fellow human being born with certain life-threatening medical problems. So it goes. But where do you go from here? And what can I and other readers do to help you on your personal journey?

You must face these challenges, as you’ve done in the past, for you’re at the crossroads of your life. And historically, you’ve proven yourself to be a courageous man. Thus, I believe in you. You’re a source of inspiration to me and, I imagine, to others. This is your existential struggle but I will share my thoughts, emotions, dreams, and hopes with you.

Although you say this writing project may be your last, I suggest we don’t know. It’s too soon to say. You need both a heart and kidney transplant. I don’t know what will happen. Yet you’ve moved me and out there -- in the benevolent universe-- others will read your words and will be moved too.

We need you right here with us -- writing words that inspire and motivate and help us transcend our mundane lives. So keep fighting. And tonight, listen to the oceanic flow of the heavens. I’m sending you a silent prayer, waves of health and joy. It’s for you, Sandy. Just for you.

Dr. Mel Waldman

Dr. Mel Waldman, a contributor to MyStoryLives from Brooklyn, New York, is a psycholgist, poet, singer and songwriters. His stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines.

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